Monday, February 18, 2008

Translink Just Might be Enough for Me to get My Certificate~!~

I felt like I was going to loose my mind the other day on the Skytrain. Usially I can tollerate it but I was recently I've had a bad bout with My Lovely Friend PMS. Seriously how fucking hard is it to say "Excuse Me"!?!?!
AND...Why the hell to people stand up miniutes before the stop while the train is slowing down??? Do they think they are not going to get off the fucking train?? If you remain seated until the the train has stopped you most definitly have enought time to get off, even if your at the back of the train. If you stand up as it is slowing down all you do is just stumble around and fall on me and not say "excuse me"! Fuck.
Okay now this is what really gets my goat! They just raised the #1 Zone fair to $2.50. I am expected to pay 5 bucks a day for a 15 munite ride from hell??
Don't get me wrong...I love the idea of public transit and am happy to take it but like any service there should be standards, especially when people safty is at stake.
AND...I don't know if it is a bad company to work for but their employees are nasty. I had this Busdriver the other day who was swearing and honking at other drivers. All us Passengers were looking at each other like ?? Others didn't notice. It's funny you so become desensitised to things living in such a populated city.
I just read about another story where some one fell out of the Skytrain and was laying there for minutes going in and out of concousness and no one helped her.
A young man died last summer after suffering a secure at a skytrain platform and a woman had a stroke in transit bus and had to ride around for 4 hours cause no one helped her, there are so many stories like that. Didn't the busdriver notice this woman??
There has been many time that I have been runing to catch the bus, 3 times this week actually, and I know that the busdriver sees me and just pulls away...I am literally inches away fromt the door! The other day I almost sprained my ankle. Since then I have made a vow to not run to catch public transit. I would rather walk.
I need a bike...ya thats what I need.

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