Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Alley Squash

So here is My story about the Alley Squash:
This summer we endured the torturous landscaping of the family that moved in across the alley. As if their new baby wasn't enough. I fully support silent gardening...or at least putting forth an effort of minimal impact to the environment. The environment that are your neighbors. The people that moved in across the alleyway decided to completely rape...I mean landscape the back yard. So they Home Depoted the back yard, being sure to use the most screamingly loud tools and machinery...all day all summer long. Long story short...they scooped up what was the yard, which was obviously someone's Veg garden, and dumped it in the alley way. The mounds of soil, which are still there, have been producing the most exciting things. I think the most exciting was THIS hybrid squash.

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